Parking Procedures and Rules

Novi High School Parking Procedures and Rules

Registration Process

Any Novi High School student may register for a parking permit if they have the following items:

  •   Valid driver’s license
  •   Proof of Insurance
  •   Vehicle Registration
  •   Novi High School Vehicle Registration Card
  •   Signed Parking Contract

Parking information and required paper work are available through the registration link on the Novi High School website.

  •   Complete the Vehicle Registration Card.
  •   Carefully read the Parking Contract and make sure it is signed by the student and parent/guardian.
  •   Bring all the necessary information listed above (license, proof of insurance, registration, Vehicle Registration Card and signed Parking Contract), to the August    registration along with proper payment.
  •   Students will not be issued a parking permit and will not be allowed to park on campus until the entire process is complete.

Students who apply for a parking permit after August registration:

  •   See Mrs. Warra in Attendance Office B.
  •   Be sure to have all the necessary information and payment in order before seeing Mrs. Warra.

Parking Permit Cost

  • $55.00 - register any time during 1st semester
  • $25.00 - register during 2nd semester
  • $5.00 - all replacement decals

Student Parking

Novi High School students who register their vehicle and properly display a parking decal (placed in the lower left corner of the windshield), may park in any of the three lots designated for students:

  •  North Lot – located on 10 mile, enter at the light on Wildcat Drive
  •  West Lot – located on Taft Road, enter Stadium Drive
  •  South Lot – located west of the football stadium, enter Stadium Drive

Students may not park in the following areas:

  •  Staff Parking Lot
  •  Novi Public Library
  •  Novi Civic Center
  •  Visitors Lots
  •  Handicap Parking
  •  Areas where  DO NOT PARK signs are posted
  •  On yellow lines that designate no parking areas
  •  Exterior doors leading from the south and west lots will be locked at 8:15 a.m. each morning.  All students arriving after 8:15 a.m., or leaving and returning to  campus during school hours, must park in the north lot and enter through the east atrium doors.

Parking Lot and Building Monitors

  •  Novi Community Schools employs security people who are on the school grounds each day during school hours.
  •  These individuals are employed to assist in enforcing policies and making Novi High School a safe environment.
  •  If approached by one of these employees, students are to cooperate and give them their name and show their student identification if asked.
  •  Parking lot attendants and building monitors should be treated with respect and their requests honored.

Changing Vehicles

  •  Students who temporarily change vehicles for a day or two must place a 3x5 card on the dash board on the driver’s side, stating the student’s name, decal   number, and dates the car will be used.
  •  Students who need to change vehicles for an extended period of time (up to two weeks), must see a parking lot attendant or Mrs. Warra in Attendance Office     for a temporary parking pass.
  •  Students who permanently change vehicles must register the new vehicle with Mrs. Warra in Attendance Office B before or after school.
  •   It is necessary to fill out a new Vehicle Registration Card, show proof of insurance and vehicle registration.
  •   Use the original decal or purchase a new one at the cost of $5.00.

Parking Violations

  •  Parking on campus without registering the vehicle:
  •  1st violation:  Students will receive a written ticket on their windshield.
  •   2nd violation:  Students will be fined $20.00 during 1st semester and $10.00 2nd semester.
  •   If the car is registered and a decal properly displayed within one week of the ticket being issued, the entire cost of the fine will go toward the registration fee.
  •   If the car is registered after one week of the ticket being issued, the student will be required to pay the fine and the cost of registration.

  Parking on campus without a decal:

  •  1st violation:  Students will receive a written violation on their windshield.
  •   2nd violation:  Students will be fined the cost of a replacement decal ($5.00).
  •   If the decal is purchased within one week of the ticket being issued, the entire fine will go toward the cost of the new decal.
  •   If the decal is purchased after one week of the ticket being issued, the student will be required to pay the fine and the cost of the decal.

Trading, Selling or Loaning Decals:

  •   If a student trades, sells or gives their pass to another student, they will both immediately be denied parking privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  •   If a student involved does not currently have a parking permit, the consequences will affect future parking privileges.

 Failure to follow parking lot rules:

  •  Detention
  •   Assigned parking
  •   Parking privileges suspended
  •   Loss of parking privileges
  •   May be required to move vehicle immediately