AP/IB Exam Registration Late Registration

AP students can begin the registration process now by joining AP Classroom, soon they will be able to pay via the webpage aptsusa.com/novi/ap. (link error has been fixed).
IB students can begin the registration process by going to the webpage aptsusa.com/novi/ib 
Details and updates can be found in the AP and IB Schoology groups.
All payments were due by October 22, 2021 for Spring 2022 testing (except AP Macroeconomics).
  • October 23-30 - $20 late fees per exam
  • $40 late fees per exam begin October 31
Students looking to self-study for AP Exams, please remember it is only possible in World Language courses or for retakes. All students interested in this option must contact Alaina.Brown@NoviK12.org prior to October 1 to avoid late fees.
Due to College Board and International Baccalaureate's policies - ONLY PARTIAL REFUNDS AVAILABLE AFTER OCTOBER 30.

AP/IB Updates on Schoology

Novi Students: Join our Schoology groups for the most up to date information and program resources.


Congratulations to Rishith Seelam!

"As you know, Advanced Placement® Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. Rishith not only received the top score of 5, but was also one of only 356 students in the world to earn every point possible on the AP Computer Science A Exam, receiving the maximum score on each portion of the exam.

This outstanding accomplishment is likely a direct reflection of the top-quality education being offered at Novi High School. We applaud Rishith's hard work and the AP teacher responsible for engaging students and enabling them to excel in a college-level course."

The “We” here is Trevor Packer, Head of the Advanced Placement Program, and the College Board

Congratulations to Katie Dong!

She earned her IB Diploma with perfect scores on every exam and every component!

This is a Novi first, and while we are incredibly proud of the scores, we are even more proud of the great person who earned them. These scores show that Katie embodies all that the IB stands for, she is not just knowledgeable, but open-minded, caring, communicative, inquisitive, reflective and balanced. She was part of a cohort of truly kind, committed, supportive, intelligent students.  Thank you to Emilia Breuning, Syreeta Khan, Sofia Ruiz, Reshma Shaik, and Sarah Yee for two great, although unusually difficult years, of Novi IB.


AP/IB 2021 Score Information

AP Scores 

available to students by following the two steps below in July or August

1. Go to apscore.org  
Please note, students must be signed into their College Board account to view the results.

IB Scores

available to students by following the steps below in july

To see your IB scores, go to the IB Diploma Programme candidates website, the personal information students need was emailed to each student in April.


District Policy Regarding Self-Study for AP Exams

Novi High School, beginning in Fall 2019, decided not to allow students to self-study for AP Exams. This decision was made for several reasons, the most important reason was our concern for students' mental wellness. The practical reason is knowledge that AP exams alone do not improve student's acceptance to universities. 


Exceptions: World Languages and retakes 

If a student wants to self-study, they should contact Alaina.Brown@NoviK12.org prior to October 1 to avoid late fees.

AP/IB Courses

AP/IB Informational Meetings