IB Diploma Program

Congrats to the IB Class of 2022 - they ALL earned their IB Diploma!!!!

Novi High School wearing white cap and gown and blue ribbon to indicate IB program graduate.

Class of 2023's Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

The exhibition includes Bulgarian Martenitsa Adornments, OJ Simpson Court Case Gloves, The Bhagavad Gita, The Little Boy Bomb, and BitTorrent Protocol. Click on The TOK Exhibition Website to see their work.

Novi IB

IB Course and Exam Registration 

Registration will be shared with students in September. All forms and fees will be due by October 8.

Invoices MUST be paid no later than October 21th to avoid $40 late fees.

Each course will cost $122 payment

Course and exam fees cover moderation of one NHS teacher scored Internal Assessments plus one to two exams in May (depending on the course). Course score is based on a combination of assessments.

ONLY students in the following courses are eligible to register.

Literature HL2, French SL2, German SL2, Japanese SL2, Spanish SL2, Business Management HL2, History SL (if you do NOT plan to take HL), History HL2, Biology HL2, Physics SL, Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences HL2, Math A & A SL2, Visual Arts SL, Visual Arts HL2

The following information is linked directly ot the International Baccalaureate website.

IB Diploma Program description

The effect of the Diploma Program (DP) on critical thinking development - Research released November 2020

Benefits of IB - Explains what makes this program valuable beyond the classroom

IB Learner Profile - Explains the whole student approach to the IB Program.

IB Research - Specific studies discussing the impact of IB on students in post-secondary education. 

IB Subject Briefs - Provides general course descriptions of all courses offered by IB. Please note IB schools choose courses to fit their context, so not all courses are or can be offered.

Mural created by IB Art students in 2022

Decorative wall art with positive messages around the image of a person inside a star.