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March Is Reading Month!!

Caught Reading Poster displayed in  the High School Media Center

The LMC is celebrating Reading Month with students:

  1. Caught Reading - teachers can "catch" kids reading a book when it is not required (during free time, after a test, etc.) and give them a Caught Reading book review slip. Students complete this slip and bring it to the LMC for a small prize and a chance to win a gift card.

  1. Flipgrid Book Reviews - this year, we are doing a separate Video Book review contest. Students pick a book that they have read for the first time this year, and record a video reviewing the book. Videos get uploaded on Flipgrid at this link: or kids can scan a QR code posted around the school to access the Flipgrid. Two video review winners will be selected to receive gift cards - 1 will be a random winner and 1 will be the video voted as the best by a panel of judges. 

Good luck, happy reading and reviewing!!


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