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Phone: 248-449-1516


For enrollment information please see the Community Education link on our district main page under enrollment tab.  
Students exiting can email Christina Alex to get the student exit form completed and can request a copy of their transcript on

Counselor Assignments

Counselors are assigned by the first letter of the student's last name. Please check the chart below to determine your counselor.

Class of 2024-2027

  • A-Cho: Ms. Lauren Leve
  • Chp-Ha: Ms. Rebecca Chinn-Keshishian
  • Hb-Le: Mr. Doug Farmer
  • Lf-Pas: Mr. Kevin Kilgore
  • Pat-Sn: Ms. Andrea Tobis
  • So-Z: Ms. Kathryn Keszei

New Student Enrollment

Families who have moved to the Novi School District and wish to enroll in Novi High School will follow the Centralized Enrollment Process here: Once Central Enrollment notifies you paperwork is complete, you will receive an email from Mrs. Alex to set up your new student meeting with your counselor. At this time, you will be asked to provide current grades and/or an updated transcript.


Exiting Students

Students leaving Novi High School need to have our exit form completed. Please email Christina Alex at


Novi High School is committed to mental health awareness. The well-being of our students is of utmost importance. Any student who has emotional/social concerns should seek out support with a trusted staff member. Novi High School has six school counselors and two social workers who are available to support students and families. Counselors and social workers are housed in the Student Service Center.

Counselor Contact Information:

Ms. Chinn 
Phone: 248-449-1514
Mr. Farmer
Phone: 248-675-3450
Mr. Kilgore
Phone: 248-449-1535
Ms. Keszei
Phone: 248-449-1515
Ms. Leve           
Phone: 248-449-1508
Ms. Tobis           
Phone: 248-449-1513

Social WorkERS

Ms. Tagai         
Phone: 248-675-3454
Ms. Fielder
Phone: 248-449-1282

504 Coordinator

Ms. Chichila
Phone: 248-449-1282

Speech Therapist

Ms. Wojtowicz


Ms. Weinert
Phone: 248-449-5171

AP/IB Coordinator

Ms. Brown