Academic Services and Support

There are a number of things you can do to feel more comfortable with your academic workload. Please review the list below!

  1. Communicate with your teachers! Ask for help; if available, see them before or after school or before or after class. Use in class opportunities as well. And don’t forget about Academic Advisory every Wednesday.
  2. Encourage your parents to communicate with your teachers and use MiStar Parent Portal to keep up-to-date on your attendance and grades.
  3. Use a planner or app to organize due dates, quiz/test dates, etc.
  4. If a planner isn’t sufficient then please come down to the counseling office or go to the counseling website and get a “Weekly Student Progress Report” to help organize your classes and get feedback from your teachers.
  5. Consider hiring a tutor. A list is available in the counseling office and frequently emailed out to students.
  6. Be present. Not just in attendance, but be alert in class.
  7. Learn to prioritize all of the activities in your life…school, work, clubs, sports, fun, etc.
  8. Learn to prioritize your homework at night. What’s required, what’s optional, what’s weighted more, etc.
  9. Take a deep breath. You have time to get on track. Only your final semester grades are indicated on your transcript so please don’t panic over marking period grades- there is time to make improvements.
  10. You can attendance in MiStar and grades in Schoology.
  11. Take time for yourself…mental health is important! Get enough sleep at night, eat nutritious foods, talk to someone when you are stressed, exercise, etc.