AP/IB Updates on Schoology

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AP/IB Exam Registration

IB Course and Exam Registration has begun

1. Complete this Google Form by October 16.
2. When notified, confirm your selections by October 23.
3. When notified, submit payment by November 2.
Detailed payment information can be found on aptsusa.com/novi/ib
Each course will cost $121 payment details can be found at  aptsusa.com/novi/ib.
Course and exam fees cover moderation of one NHS teacher scored Internal Assessments plus one to two exams in May (depending on the course). Course score is based on a combination of assessments.
Need based scholarships available, see the Novi IB Schoology Group updates for details.


AP Exam Registration

  • The College Board requires all AP students to register for exams in the fall (except 2nd semester only courses).
  • Registration begins automatically when students enroll in a course through AP Classroom.
  • Registration is confirmed and complete upon receipt of payment. Payments will be accepted February 1-12, 2021.
  • Detailed payment information can be found at aptsusa.com/novi/ap
  • The standard AP exam fee of $95 covers one, externally scored May exam.
  • Need based scholarships available, see the Novi AP Schoology Group updates for details.

Novi High School only offers AP exams to Novi High School students.

AP/IB May 2020-2021 Exam Schedule

New District Policy Regarding Self-Study for AP Exams

Novi High School, beginning in Fall 2019, decided not to allow students to self-study for AP Exams. This decision was made for several reasons, the most important reason of which is our concern for students' mental wellness. The practical reason is knowledge that AP exams alone do not improve student's acceptance to universities. 


World Languages and retakes are the only exception.


AP/IB 2020 Score Information

AP Scores 

Now available to students by following the two steps below

1. Go to apscore.org  
Please note, students must be signed into their College Board account to view the results.

IB Scores

Now available to students by following the steps below.

To see your IB scores, go to https://candidates.ibo.org, the personal information students need was emailed to each student the week of July 7. 

AP/IB Courses