Course Descriptions

Below you will find information about the courses offered at Novi High School. Courses are categorized by department. Students are encouraged to review the descriptions and prerequisites for courses they are interested in taking.

Here is a sample course description. The following section is the key to reading it:

0103 Painting I
Grades 9-12. 1 semester, .5 credit. Prerequisite: Art Fundamentals recommended
Course satisfies .5 credit of senior level math elective during the 12th grade year.

This course is an introduction to basic painting styles and various painting media. Students will gain a working knowledge of color mixing, color schemes, color harmonies, brushwork, and the principles and elements of design. This class may not be retaken. 

  1. The first item in every description is the course number, followed by the course name.
  2. Italicized information included under the course title provides:
    1. The grade level(s) in which the course may be taken
    2. The length of the course and the number of credits it is worth
    3. Prerequisite requirements
    4. Courses that qualify as a senior math elective or VPA are noted
  3. Below the italicized information is the course description. Information provided will describe the content of the course.