Emotional/Social Support

Student Support

Novi High School is committed to mental health awareness. The well-being of our students is of utmost importance. Any student who has emotional/social concerns should seek out support with a trusted staff member. Novi High School has counselors and social workers who are available to support students and families. Counselors and social workers are housed in the Student Service Center. 

Students may request to see their counselor whenever the need arises. They may stop into the Student Service Center and sign up or submit a request through the Counselor Contact Form. Parents may contact the counselor by calling the Student Service Center at 248.449.1516. Students are assigned to counselors upon enrollment at the high school and remain with that counselor throughout their high school career. 

Counselors are assigned by the first letter of the student's last name. Please check the chart below to determine your counselor.

Class of 2024-2027

  • A-Cho: Ms. Lauren Leve
  • Chp-Ha: Ms. Rebecca Chinn-Keshishian
  • Hb-Le: Mr. Doug Farmer
  • Lf-Pas: Mr. Kevin Kilgore
  • Pat-Sn: Ms. Andrea Tobis
  • So-Z: Ms. Kathryn Keszei