What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraising program where you purchase gift cards, and each gift card has a “rebate” that goes back into your student’s accounts. There are many retailers, restaurants, gas stations that participate in the program. (Please refer to the example order form for a detailed listing.)

In general, scrip is a great way to save money towards your student’s band trip. A percentage of all the gift cards you buy goes into a “trip account” for your student. The order form shows how much each card earns you. If your students does not go on the band trip, the money can be used to pay band fees in their senior year.

Ordering and Pickup

If you are interested in ordering any gift cards, complete the order form and email it back to novibandscrip@gmailcom by the deadline each month. Most months, there is one ordering opportunity but around the holidays or when bonuses are available, there may be two opportunities to order in a month. If the order is for $1000.00 or more, a check or cash is needed up front. If the order is less than $1000.00, you may bring a check or cash when you pick up the order. NHSBB does not take credit cards. Whenever you place an order, you will receive an email when it is ready to be pickedup. It is usually ready by the end of the week when the order is placed. There is usually several timeframes for pick up, but other arrangements can be made if needed.


Gift Cards

One additional unique thing about scrip revolves around the Kohl’s gift card that they offer. If you are a Kohl’s credit card owner, you can use the scrip gift cards to pay your credit card bill. They will not accept regular gift cards for bill payment, only the fundraising cards. You are able to get all the benefits of the Kohl’s card, 30% off, Kohl’s Cash, etc. and then get the scrip rebate on the gift cards to pay the bill. To take advantage of this, you have to go to the store to pay the bill.